Thursday, 1 September 2011

Reluctant Blogger

There’s something very egocentric about blogging which makes me uncomfortable.  I wouldn’t stand in the street in the real world and assume random strangers would be interested in knowing more about me, so why should things be any different in the virtual world?  I guess the main difference is that here in cyberland, you are only a click away from getting rid of me – it’s much less awkward than getting rid of an over-eager sharer on the High Street.  Also, if you’ve found this blog, you’re probably interested in reading what other people have to say – blogging’s self-selecting in that way, I guess.

So, why am I doing it?  There are a couple of reasons. 

Firstly, as it says on the right there in the ‘About Me’ section, I play Roller Derby, which makes it very easy for people to label me.  They assume variously that all rollergirls (should that be one word, or two, I’m never sure) are lesbians, ‘alternative’ (whatever that means), or very cool – or, indeed a combination of these.  Whilst clearly many roller girls (tried two words that time, let me know which one you prefer) do fit into one or more of these categories, one of the things I love about Roller Derby is that it truly does accept all comers.  I would not categorise myself as a lesbian, alternative OR cool, but I am still a valued member of the Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls and, hopefully, the Derby community at large.  Through this blog, hopefully I can show that those of us who enjoy hitting people while wearing roller skates are more multi-faceted than some might think.

Secondly, and much more selfishly, I want to get my writing out there.  I have a job which I really like (more on that in an upcoming post) but I’d love to write for money – become a word-whore, if you will.  That means getting readers, and that is where you come in.  In future posts there’ll be links to various things I’ve written and I’d love it if you’d read them!

For now, though - toodles. x


  1. Very good view of things. I don't feel like I fit into any of your three categories either, but I am a derby girl.

    I like to think roller girls come for the fishnets, derby girls stay for the love of the sport.

  2. Nice differentiation - I like it, and completely agree. (Noted roller girls as two words too - am still deciding on that one!)

    Thanks for reading! x

  3. Congrats on the blog, I love your writing so I can't wait to read more!