Monday, 31 December 2012


In January, I shared my New Year’s Resolutions.  As 2012 draws to a close, I feel it only fair to honestly review them.

1.    Relearn to focus.
Getting there.  I still watch television with the laptop and/or ‘phone close by but I have become much better at not turning the television on at all and with the odd show I really like the computer gets a definite back seat.  As I become a student again in February I really need to continue working on this.

2.    Be a better friend.
A horrific failure on this one.  When I wrote these resolutions, I hoped my marriage was reparable.  It turned out that it wasn’t.  The echoes of this have spread through every facet of my life and reverberate into the most obscure corner. 

In a (largely unsuccessful) attempt not to bore everyone to death with how miserable this year’s been I have kept a lot of the darkness inside.  One of the results of this is that there’s not a lot of room left for other people and their lives.  This has led to me being a lousy friend, though also an incredibly grateful one.

3.    Be able to turn stop in both directions.
I have practised and practised and practised and all I can do is resolve to practise more in 2013.  I WILL nail this. 

4.    Explore different ways of making a living.
Started this.  Didn’t get anywhere.  Anyone want to pay me for being me? 

5.    Stop being the drunkest person in the room.
Achieved this on a technicality by hanging around with a lot of very drunk people, rather than by drinking less myself.  Result. 

6.    Get happy.
Definite progress here – I’m certainly much happier than I was at this time last year.  I have a wonderful bunch of friends, for whom I’m very grateful, an amazingly generous and thoughtful family, a great job, a lovely house, my health and (almost) my freedom.  Short of a lottery win or Johnny Depp realising he’s completely in love with me, I’m not sure how things could get much better. 

According to a survey, 92% of New Year’s resolutions are not kept, so I’d say that my score of 23/60 is not bad at all.  How did you do?

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