Thursday, 15 December 2011

In Training – November / December

No, I haven’t gone quiet because I’ve stopped training!  I’ve been working hard for the last couple of months, building strength and endurance, and thought an update was in order.

December sees me aiming for 5 sessions a week of 45 minutes non-stop cardio and 4 ‘strength’ sessions a week (essentially, lots of sit-ups and press-ups).  Although the demands of the festive season mean that there are days where I genuinely do not have time to do this, I am generally staying on top of it.  I can maintain 6mph on the treadmill for 45 minutes at a gentle incline (not optional – my treadmill’s a bit broken and with no incline every step slams it into the floor so hard I worry I’ll end up in Australia) and do more sit-ups than I ever thought possible – the less said about press-ups, however, the better.  The main problem with 45 minute sessions is that I an episode of ‘The West Wing’ only lasts 40 minutes and that is what I entertain myself with!  Any recommendations for 45 minute programmes gratefully received as I’m now working through films instead!

I am singularly failing to do the uphill walking required, sadly.  Lincoln’s pretty flat so I’m frankly uninspired.  I realise that this is a poor excuse and I promise to get myself up some hills pronto.  This Christmas I’m heading down to Somerset for a week and there are some glorious hills down there that I may have a yomp up to work off some of my excessive and indulgent over-consumption.

Bit scared about what I need to start doing in January, but I’ll cross that rather hard-core bridge when I come to it.  Meanwhile – bring on the festive fayre; I’m working it off, dammit!